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Our story!

Hello there,

I am sure you’ve been wondering what our story is at Modest Passion Collections?

Well, let me start with a little introduction. My name is Eppie! I’m a wife, a mother of two boys and I’m currently in school after I switched careers. I’m a little shy but, I enjoy being in good company, and I’m passionate about the things of God.

I have a strong love for godly fashion and interior decorations. My love for fashion led me to wonder how I could express my sense of style without necessarily compromising my beliefs.

I prayed and asked God to help me be of benefit to myself, and to fellow sisters who had challenges in finding godly outfits.

My prayer was answered one fateful night in November, 2018 when the Lord filled me with a passion to start an online boutique, and the idea was born.

In January 2019, my husband and I launched our online boutique and started serving ladies who loved modest dressing. This has been a huge blessing us, as it has allowed us to serve and be a blessing!

Our vision is still young and we hope you grow with us as we continue to uphold strength and honor in dressing.

Thank you for checking our page and please let me know how I can serve you better!

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